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Welcome to the Sokol Research Group website.

Our research efforts focus on the microscope structure and dynamics of condensed matter using x-ray and neutron scattering techniques. Areas of study include the following:

  • Collective Excitations in Confined Quantum Liquids
  • Momentum Distribution of Hydrogen on Surfaces
  • Microscopic Structure of Confined Solids
  • Wetting on Nonstructural Surfaces
  • Dynamics of Hydrogen in Reduced Dimensionality
  • Hydrogen Storage Materials

These studies make extensive use of neutron and x-ray facilities both in the United States and Europe...

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Inelastic Neutron Scattering of H 2 in Xerogel

Study of H 2 confined in the highly ordered pores of MCM-48

Liquids and solids adsorbed in porous materials have been of long standing interest since their properties can be significantly different from those of the bulk phase [1] . Confinement induced changes include enhancement of the liquid-vapor transition, suppression of the liquid-solid transition, hysteresis between melting and freezing, modification of the structure of the solid phase and the elimination or introduction of solid phases [2-6] . More>>>

Studies of the confinement of gases, liquids and solids in porous materials is of great interest 1 both for practical applications, such as oil refinery, ceramics and catalysis, and from a fundamental scientific standpoint. The appearance of new phenomena, ranging from modifications of the structure to the enhancement of quantum effects, arise due to the finite size of the confined system, and the enhanced importance of the interactions with the pore walls. More>>>

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